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Telephone Answering Services

Call Center Sales Pro: Superior Telephone Answering Services for Businesses

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, phone calls are a vital aspect of business activities. Call Center Sales Pro provides superior telephone answering services that ensure that all your business calls are promptly handled by professional and trained receptionists. We are well-equipped to handle hundreds to thousands of customers and through our superior sales and marketing techniques can almost guarantee you a strategic growth in your sales report and profit.

All Inclusive Services

The CEO of Call Center Sales Pro, Janet Livingston, and her team of dynamic personnel specialize in offering clients a host of services to further their business. We take a consultative approach and look into the billing rates, individual customer profitability and the type of work that is required by the customer. Once we have acquired all the needed information, we adjust the rates accordingly for each individual account and try to make it as profitable as possible for our clients.

Analyze Business Needs

Our dedicated team at Call Center Sales Pro takes an active interest in looking into the client’s operation, customer base, strengths and business goals. Based on this information, prospects are targeted that fit the requirements of the client. Telephone answering services can be focused on generalists or vertical markets, but either way, we customize our services according to the needs of our individual clients.

Controlled Growth Strategy

At Call Center Sales Pro, we do not believe in making false promises to our esteemed clients. The number of sales that we target to add each month on our client’s account is controlled and manageable. The money that we help our clients save are further invested back in the telephone answering services for better sales and marketing initiatives.

We at Call Center Sales Pro with our advanced telephone answering services can manage any kind of business communication so that our clients can simply concentrate on what they are good at. Call us to know how we can help you increase your profit and cut your costs!