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All Inclusive

When our consultant designs your answering service package for you it will include every feature you need and every service option you want. There will be no upsells, ancillary charges, or surprise fees.

Flexible Billing

Your initial answering service plan is based on your estimated usage. What if you estimate too high or too low? What about when your usage changes because your business changes? No problem. We can move you to another service plan that better matches your new needs. Call us and we’ll switch you to a new plan that is a better fit.

Superior Customer Support

If you ever have a question about your answering service account, want to give us more information, or need to change your rate plan, our customer service staff is ready to help you. Though most of our clients go months without ever needing to contact us, we are here if you need us.

All Calls Recorded

We record all telephone calls at our answering service. If you ever need to know exactly what was said or not said by one of your callers, we can pull up the recording and email you the file. This is for your protection and benefit.

Secure Messaging

Some industries, such as healthcare (covered by HIPAA) and the financial sector, require that information be secure at all times: during transmission (data in motion) or in storage (data at rest). Other answering service clients want this added level of protection, too. We can secure your information by encrypting it on our servers and when we send it to you. Plus our web portal offers this same high-level of protection.

Questions & Answers

  • How Do I Get Started?

    Just fill out the ‘Next Step” form above to have one of our answering service consultants contact you. Tell them what you’re looking for. They will ask how you want us to handle your calls. Then they will design a service package just for you. You should be good to go by the next business day. It’s that simple. (If you don’t like forms, just click on "live chat" or call 800-901-7706.)
  • How Does An Answering Service Work?

    We give you a special phone number just for you to use. You can publish it, give it to people, or call-forward your phone numbers to it – as many as you want. However you decide to use your special number, we will answer it for you whenever it rings, 24/7. We will represent you to your callers: take messages, give out information, or even transfer specific callers – all according to your instructions. We document each transaction and send you the information, when and how you specify: email, text, voicemail, fax, or even by phone.
  • Aren’t All Answering Services the Same?

    On the surface all telephone answering services seem the same. They talk about quality service, professionalism, and affordable rates. Most even claim to be different. But we don’t talk like that. We let our actions speak for us. We strive to set ourselves apart by being easy to work with, providing no-surprise billing, and offering second-to-none service. We do this through the staff we hire and the training we provide. Our people make the difference. Give us a try and we will show you.
  • How Do You Bill?

    Your answering service bill will include the monthly fee for the upcoming month and any additional usage charges for the past month. Each of our service plans includes a certain amount of usage each month at no additional charge. We base this on your estimated usage. If you use more, no problem. We will just bill you a low fee for the extra calls.

What Our Clients Say

TAS Innovations is a call centre industry consulting group providing software service and support.

We recently worked with Call Center Sales Pro to install a new billing system for one of their clients. As a sales organization, not only do they secure new sales, but they address all areas of the business where productivity and revenue can be increased. These efforts include procedure, documentation, service delivery and billing improvements.

We found all of the Call Center Sales Pro team members to be well organized, knowledgeable and efficient. Based on the work we have seen done by Janet and her team, we highly recommend them to those looking to build and grow their business.


Engaging Janet and her team of professionals was the best business decision I ever made. Our sales have increased several fold. If that isn’t enough, they have been able to streamline operations, clean up an out of control receivables situation, and introduce measures to guarantee profitability for existing and new accounts.

I cannot overstate the talent, dedication, pure business savvy this group has brought to our company.


I have worked with Janet on a few different projects related to contact center selection, implementation, operations, and reporting. Most recently Janet assisted me on a project to find, train, and launch a virtual contact center for a large pharmaceutical client in a very short time frame. Janet is a talented expert in her field. She is a strategic thinker who understands the client needs and is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to call her again should the need arise.

Brenda Buechler

Janet is an extremely talented entrepreneur and business consultant. Her vision for customer service and her ability to manage, places her at the top of the industry.

Michael Elkins

Janet is an unbelievable business woman and a pleasure to work for. She understands all aspects of business and created an amazing company from nothing to a member of the Inc 5000 in a few short years. She has a great business mind and would be a great addition to any company.

Rodney M. Smith

Industries Covered

For any telephone answering service communication need you have, we have likely already handled that for another client and are ready to serve you in the same way. We cover all industries and every type of business.

This includes answering service for major vertical markets such as healthcare, finance, telecom, entertainment, hospitality, automotive, energy, insurance, media, real estate, technology, education, transportation, investment, government, and more.

We also provide answering service for horizontal markets such as e-commerce, customer service, help desk, consumer, legal, accounting, software, non-profits, marketing, and so forth.

Other types of businesses that use answering services include: construction, education, funeral home, property management, real estate, restaurant, the service sector, small business, veterinarian, web-hosting, and many more.

Is your business not listed? No worries, we have you covered, too!

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