Service Industry Answering Services

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If you're a small business owner, chances are that you didn't go into business to be on the phone. Yet making sure that your phone gets answered - even when you're busy on a job or with a client - is critical in ensuring customer satisfaction.

At Call Center Sales Pro, we DID go into business to answer the phone and our job is simple: to answer your phone every time it rings. We can take a message, schedule an appointment in your calendar, or even patch important calls right to you - hiring us means that you get all of the benefits of hiring an administrative assistant but, because you only pay us when your phone rings, you skip the hefty price tag.


Whether you're at a job, on another line, writing a bid, or just don't want to be disturbed during family dinner - we're here to make sure that your customers never go to voicemail again.

Answering Service
Our friendly agents act as a remote receptionist - answering your line when it rings, no matter what time your customer calls.

Appointment Scheduling
Get bids and other appointments scheduled into your day. Integrating with your existing calendar, our agents can schedule - and even confirm - appointments for you.

Patching and Paging
Sometimes calls that come through while you're busy just can't wait. Using your pre-determined set of criteria to determine what qualifies as important, we can live transfer urgent calls directly to you.