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Modafinil tablets to help improve productivity and concentration

If you do not keep up with the deadlines or constantly distracted.

1. Surround yourself with plants

Buy home and office at least one room plant. They will improve air quality, and along the way will affect your condition. A flower near the workplace increases productivity.

Lunch and just relax is also better in the company of plants: it will help to increase concentration and reduce the number of errors. If there are no plants in the office or your house, you can go for a walk in the park or park – will also work.

2. Make a list of distractions

If during the work you suddenly decide to get into social networks for a moment and check messages, stop. It’s going to hit your productivity hard.

It will take you an average of 25 minutes to get back to work. Do not be distracted by the “to-do list”: try to write down all the thoughts appearing during the work on a separate piece of paper. Complete tasks after work or during lunch.

3. Rest

You can’t work indefinitely – it’s fraught with nervous breakdowns and burnouts. In addition, no one can maintain 100% productivity all day.

To improve concentration, experts advise to work intervals and alternate active continuous work with breaks. There are several options:

The tomato method. One working period, aka “tomato”, here lasts 30 minutes: 25 of them you work, 5 rest. After four “tomatoes” take a long break – 15 to 30 minutes.

Method 52/17. 52 minutes you need to work hard and not be distracted by anything, and then 17 minutes do not do any important things. It is recommended to move away from the computer and smartphone and walk on the street.

4. Eat foods that increase concentration

You can become more productive by simply adding three products to your diet:

Walnut. Improves reaction speed, memory and concentration. Helps you get on with your work tasks faster. You only need to eat 13 grams a day.

Avocado. Avocado contains lutein, it helps the brain and eyes. Eat one fruit a day and improve your mental capacity, memory and attention.

Chocolate. Cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids. They have a neuroprotective effect, that is, increase the resistance of nerve cells to stimuli.

5. Train your brain

To always keep the brain toned, train it: teach poetry, solve puzzles or crosswords, use virtual simulators. This will not only help to cope with work faster now, but also to maintain brain activity until old age. To improve brain function you can buy Modafinil tablets at

6. Meditate

Meditation helps to improve concentration and more accurately perform tasks at work and in life. And with regular meditation, you’ll find it easier to perceive large amounts of information.

7. Don’t take on multiple cases at the same time

You shouldn’t take a few tasks at the same time: most likely, you will not finish any of them in time. And also get tired: multitasking reduces productivity by about half.

To avoid this, make a to-do list, distribute them by importance, and do it one by one.

8. Exercise

Regular training provides oxygen to the body, reduces irritability, reduces insulin resistance and helps the brain grow. Even during physical activity, chemical compounds are developed, responsible for the health of brain cells. They help to improve memory, mood, concentration and sharpness of mind.

9. Stay in bed

Sleep is essential to the brain for productive work. If you sleep only a couple of hours a day or do business at night, quickly run out of steam, will be constantly sullen, angry and sleepy, and still can not learn and work.

Go to bed on time and rest for 8 hours. Before going to bed, do not look at the screen of a smartphone or TV, it is better to read or talk with loved ones.

10. Set yourself a challenge

Clear goals will help to achieve maximum productivity. To complete the task quickly and get moral satisfaction from it, set yourself understandable tasks.

If the goal is too large, for example, moving abroad, try to break it down into a few small ones: learn about the conditions of migration, save money, apply for a visa, and so on.