Inbound Call Centers

At Call Center Sales Pro, we provide high competent consulting services to inbound call centers that in turn allow them to maximize the business of their clients. Although the principal functions of telephone answering services and inbound call centers are more or less the same, the latter is definitely different than the former in certain key ways. For instance, the outsourcing inbound call centers typically handle just a few major customers, sometimes only one. Another difference can be noticed in the sphere of call duration, with most calls lasting for more than five minutes to much longer durations.

Guided by the vision of our CEO, Janet Livingston, we take a well defined consultative approach to help our call center clients grow their businesses. By taking into account the customers, operations, goals and strengths of each client that we serve, we focus on improving the prospects that are in line with the strategic goals and strengths of each client.

The majority of the call centers are adept at serving vertical markets like telecommunications and cable, banking and finance, insurance, utilities, technology, retail, consumer, housing, education, automation, legal, media, publishing, software, government, health and beauty, tourism and travel and leisure. Possibly the biggest vertical market at the present moment is healthcare which is now growing significantly and offers a lot of opportunity for inbound call center expansion. A number of sub-niches also operate under the healthcare vertical, including medical answering service, telephone triage, hospital console, physician referrals, pharmaceutical support, appointment setup and verification, clinical trials and patient follow-ups.

It is ideal for inbound call centers working with vertical market operations to focus on coming up with a diversification strategy that allows in building new niches in various similar markets. The call centers can also try adding accounts to a vertical market for balancing the customer portfolio of a call center. Other outsourcing inbound call centers work on horizontal markets like customer service, first level technical support, help desk, email support, text chat and e-commerce. When it comes to call centers that operate on this strategy, we at Call Center Sales Pro are going to target the prospects that require similar services.