This includes learning about what PHI is, how to recognize it, protect it,
and understanding how its transmitted
between Covered Entities and Business Associates. To avoid costly
litigations, and protect patients’ health information, HIPAA training is essential to your work force.

Three Common HIPAA Questions & Answers

  • Does HIPAA training courses need to be conducted annually?

    HIPAA requires organizations to provide training for all employees, new workforce members, and periodic refresher training. The definition of “periodic” is not defined and can be left open to interpretation. However, most organizations train all employees on HIPAA annually. This is considered to be a best practice. Regulations are updated yearly, so it can be difficult for practices to stay current. Failure to comply can result in fines or other consequences.

  • Who does training apply too?

    HIPAA training is mandatory for anyone who comes into contact with protected health information (PHI). This includes doctors, dentists, nurses, receptionists and part-time employees/interns.

  • How long should a HIPAA training course be?

    HIPAA doesn’t specify a particular length for training. What matters most is the content of the training and that the information is taught effectively. Proper training for HIPAA cannot be conducted in just a few minutes. However, it does not require weeks of training either.

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