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Fulfillment Services

While carrying out business transactions, the first step is to take the product order. However this must be followed by fulfillment in order for the transaction to be completed. In other words, the product in question should be shipped to the customer and/or the catalog should be mailed. Although this can be carried out by the in-house working team, it is always a good idea to outsource this task to fulfillment companies that specialize in fulfillment. Outsourcing is beneficial as it often less costly and helps in enhancing the efficiency of the process. A fulfillment company can process, inventory, package and ship all materials and products and send them to the specific addresses in a quicker, more efficient manner. Moreover, as these companies handle fulfillment needs for multiple clients, they can easily negotiate better distribution prices than a client firm can on its own.

Here are some of the services that are offered by a fulfillment company:

Warehousing: A fulfillment company can present with climate controlled warehousing services with advanced inventorying facilities. These firms can also take care of just-in-time inventory as well as easily stockpile all products and/or catalogs for a later delivery.

Packaging: Fulfillment companies pack all the products by making use of cost-effective supplies. They also follow enhanced protective measures during transit and make use of latest technological means to carry out such tasks fast and efficiently. The fulfillment companies purchase all of their shipping materials in large quantities which allow the clients to reduce their costs. Some of the packaging options offered by these firms include protective shipping boxes, customized retail packaging, poly mailers, boxes, crates, bubble mailers and cartons.

Light Assembly: There are times when the products also need some assembly apart from packaging. This can involve adding a product manual to a box before shipping, or co-packaging a product with another one. In the sphere of literature, it can mean compiling pamphlets into notebooks, collating pages or inserting printed materials into the binders.

Distribution: Fulfillment houses are generally located strategically to offer easy and direct access to numerous carriers, airport hubs, distribution centers and shipping ports so that they can easily ship the products within the country as well as in other parts of the world. This allows them to get the orders out fast and thereby garner customer satisfaction through their services. This ultimately helps a client firm to develop a good market reputation.