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First Notice of Loss

Make a great first impression with an expert FNOL (first notice of loss) customer service call center

People buy insurance hoping they’ll never need it, but if disaster strikes the response they receive from you, their insurance company, is critical. When policyholders call to report theft, loss, or damage they’re often under great stress, with emotions running high. They hope their call will be answered quickly, handled with empathy, and their claim processed professionally.

This FNOL (first notice of loss) contact is an opportunity for you to shine in the eyes of your policyholder. FNOL is also the beginning of the claims process. If all the critical information is collected by the claims agent during the FNOL contact, then processing the claim can move forward smoothly. However, if information is missing then the claim is put on hold while awaiting the remaining needed documentation.

The best practice in the insurance industry is to outsource FNOL to call centers that specialize in providing this claims service. These call centers are equipped to handle claim calls from all fifty states, and their agents are specifically trained to appropriately balance the needs of both the insurance company and the insured party.

Here’s what to expect when a professional FNOL call center handles your claims intake:

Accurate Information Gathering
Obtaining all the needed information, quickly and accurately, is key to begin an effective claims process. Agents follow a specific script based on the type of policy and the nature of the claim. This is essential, and FNOL call centers are experts at accomplishing this. However, this efficiency must be balanced with appropriately addressing the physical situation and emotional state of the policyholder.

Customer Focused Service
Call center agents that handle FNOL are not merely tasked to get the right information and to do so quickly, but they’re also trained to empathize with the caller and the loss they’ve encountered. While this is a routine transaction to insurance companies, it is far from routine for the insured party who is suffering from the events that caused them to make this phone call. They need to receive kindness and understanding from the agent they talk to, not detached professionalism that is all business. Skilled agents can expertly balance the practical needs of the insurance company and the physical and emotional needs of their callers.

Before getting information, and even prior to offering assurances, the claims agent must first verify that the caller is in a safe place. They’re likely frantic and may even be in shock. They might not be thinking logically or be barely coherent. Professional insurance claim agents are trained to expect this and know how to handle it. Once they assess the situation and know that the caller is physically okay and safe, then they can proceed.

Customized Programs
Beyond gathering the claim information you need and providing the compassion your policyholder seeks, call centers that handle insurance claims must customize their services to meet the needs of their clients, that is you, the insurance company.

The leading FNOL call centers do not force their insurance company clients into a one-size-fits-all box that’s supposed to meet their needs. Instead, these professional call centers tailor a program to meet the goals, objectives, and paradigms of each insurance company.

Holistic Coverage Options
While some insurance call centers specialize in one or two types of insurance claims, the best ones handle all types of policies. This includes automotive, property, general liability, workmen’s comp, and property claims.

These single-focused call centers aren’t an issue if you sell only one type of insurance, but most likely you don’t. You offer an array of insurance policies to be a full-service provider to your customers. And you want an outsource call center that can handle all the types of policies you offer. Just as you are a full-service insurance provider, you want a full-service call center vendor.

Scalable for Catastrophic Events
To be efficient, and offer a cost-effective service, call centers schedule staff to meet the normal, expected amount of call traffic for each hour of each day. However, what happens when a catastrophic event, such as a tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane, or man-made disaster occurs? Call centers must be able to scale up quickly to take the influx of claim calls that come in. Make sure yours can.

Outsourcing your first notice of loss (FNOL) calls to a call center that specializes in insurance claims is a smart move. It will save you money, increase your effectiveness, and meet the needs of your policyholders. However, not all call centers are the same. Make sure yours is ready to handle all your FNOL calls according to your specifications and expectations.

Call Center Sales Pro is your one-stop solutions provider for handling your first notice of loss calls.

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