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Call Center Technical Support Services

Some outsourcing call centers specialize in providing specific forms of services. One of the most important forms of services provided by call centers is tech support or technical support. The tech support agents working in a call center can offer support for different technical needs, such as software, hardware, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and web support. They can also provide with corporate help desk services.

At Call Center Sales Pro, we will match the needs of your organization with a call center that is filled with professional specialists who can deliver you reliable tech support services. The technicians are always trained, knowledgeable and skilled at handling different types of technical support issues via email, phone and chat. These technicians can help callers and handle multiple tiers or levels of tech support issues:

Level 1 Tech Support

The Level 1 or Tier 1 mainly addresses the basic types of technical issues, thereby allowing you in-house working professionals to take care of escalated issues and further complex matters. Most types of calls can be easily handled by the tech support agents. For further complex issues, the Level 1 tech support team depends on in-house experts to resolve the technical queries.

High Level Tech Support

Apart from the Level 1, it is also possible to outsource high levels of technical support. For handling these calls, the outsourcing tech support centers take the help of advanced support teams who can present with 24/7 escalation support. These professionals have the needed certifications, credentials, experience and degrees which enable them to present with high level tech support services that can even surpass that of the in-house teams.

Internal Help Desk

Apart from external tech support, your call center staff may require tech support as well. As call centers work with more numbers of employees, the number of devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones increase as well. In order to ensure that all official processes go smoothly at all times, these devices must always stay in working conditions. However, this can become a major burden for an IT firm, as they cannot work on what they are meant to simply by attending to such technical requirements. In such cases, outsourcing internal help desk requirements help IT staff to work on platform integrations, strategic initiatives and system upgrades.