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We find more business for your call center so you can focus on what you do best.

Call Center Sales Pro was formed by Janet Livingston to help outsource call centers and telephone answering services take the pain out of growing their business. They do this by providing sales and marketing services, as well as in helping clients maximize the value of their existing customer base. “We can find money by optimizing our clients’ current customer base to help pay for our sales and marketing services,” says Janet.

First, Call Center Sales Pro helps their clients find lost revenue. They analyze billing rates, individual customer profitability, and the amount of work required to service each account. Armed with specific information they implement a new rate structure, on an individual customer basis, to make each customer profitable. They also look to sell them additional services that will benefit the customer. Sometimes they do both. The result is increased revenue for their clients.

Then Janet and her team look at bringing in new business. They take a consultative approach. They look at the client’s operation, their current service rates, the inherent strengths they have in serving their customers, and their operational, growth, and revenue goals. Based on this information, a profile of their client’s ideal customer is developed. Then the Call Center Sales Pro team targets customers who are a good fit to match that profile. With this approach Janet largely functions as a consultant, but she prides herself in being “the closer.” In finding these accounts, a key paradigm is that they do not sell based on price. All new accounts must be profitable from the beginning.

This initial process takes time and requires focused attention. To make sure they serve each client well, Call Center Sales Pro will only take on one new client at a time. After a few months, with the basic processes in place, they can consider adding another client.

Call Center Sales Pro CEO, Janet Livingston, is a call center and telephone answering service veteran, with twenty–two years of industry experience. She functions as a revenue growth authority helping leading telephone answering services and call centers expand their businesses and increase profitability.

“Most outsourcing call centers and answering services do a great job at customer service,” Janet explains. However, sales and marketing is often not one of their strong areas. “That’s where we come in.” Call Center Sales Pro can add five to ten quality sales per month for each client, month after month. It is sustainable, and it is manageable.

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