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Use an Answering Service to Cover Sick Days

Unlike a vacation, which employees schedule in advance, no one plans a sick day—or at least most people don’t. In most cases a sick day is not a pre-arranged absence. So what do you do when your receptionist calls off at 7:45 in the morning?


The idea of hearing a ringing phone all day and knowin...

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If your business operates outside the call center industry, you may have trouble answering this question of “What is a call center?” But it’s an important one to ask and even more critical to give careful consideration to the answer.

While some businesses know they have a corporate call center, most ...

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Agent Success Starts With Great Training

In the call center arena, your frontline people are key to success. This starts on day one of their employment in their initial training. Here are some tips to foster successful agent training.

Pick the Right Medium

There is a time and place for online training, but self-directed instruction will not ...

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Why You Should Consolidate Siloed Call Centers

It’s likely your hospital system has at least one call center, a centralized place that handles calls. This may be for a department, a building, the facility, or the entire network. While some healthcare operations wisely have only one comprehensive call center, other networks have a dispersed array...

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Don’t Expand Your Hospital Call Center When You Can Outsource

When a hospital call center faces pressure to do more in the face of considerable constraints, one solution, often the best one, is to outsource some or all of their activities. Here are some situations when it is ideal for a healthcare facility or network to consider outsourcing.

Space Limitations


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Why Insisting on a Stateside Call Center is an Ill-conceived Goal

When people reach a call center, they make assumptions about the agent and the agent’s location based on what they hear. While these assumptions may have a basis for truth, they also can gravely mislead their understanding of the transaction. Consider the following:


If the agent speaks with an...

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Don’t Let a Lack of Human Resources Keep Your Call Center from Moving Forward

The call center industry undergoes continuous change. Failing to keep up with the rate of change doesn’t mean maintaining the status quo, it means falling behind. Yet implementing new ideas, projects, and initiatives requi...
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Learn How Contracted Services Can Benefit Your Healthcare Call Center

When you’re ready to take your healthcare call center to the next level, don’t add an expensive call center professional to your payroll and hope for the best. Instead use a contracted services professional to provide what you nee...
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A buzzword in the healthcare industry is patient access. Increasing patient access provides more care options to patients and improves their level of care. As a side benefit a healthcare system keeps more patients in their network of care, improves provider and equipment utilization, and boosts the ...
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Many healthcare call centers staff a mixture of registered nurses and telephone agents—or at least they should. The nurses do what they’re trained for: answer medical questions and address health situations, while the agents do what they’re trained for: answer calls, take messages, give out informat...
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Empower Agents to Do More and Do It Better with Call Scripting

As caller expectations rise, along with call complexity, agents must do more and must do it better. This starts with hiring the right agents, but to achieve the best results, you need to empower agents and enhance their abilities with ad...
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Heads turned and ears perked up by what the hospital’s VP of marketing said during a roundtable discussion at a recent convention: “Our call center is measurably our most cost-effective marketing tool.”

The unspoken question on everyone’s mind was, “How?”

“We look at the cost of each marketing initiat...

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Happy agents will work harder to produce happy callers and customers

Call center work is hard. Not every person who accepts a position as a call center agent has the determination to stay in that position for the long-term. This is one reason why most call centers experience a high turnover rate.


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