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Agent Success Starts With Great Training

In the call center arena, your frontline people are key to success. This starts on day one of their employment in their initial training. Here are some tips to foster successful agent training.

Pick the Right Medium

There is a time and place for online training, but self-directed instruction will not ...

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Why You Should Consolidate Siloed Call Centers

It’s likely your hospital system has at least one call center, a centralized place that handles calls. This may be for a department, a building, the facility, or the entire network. While some healthcare operations wisely have only one comprehensive call center, other networks have a dispersed array...

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Why Insisting on a Stateside Call Center is an Ill-conceived Goal

When people reach a call center, they make assumptions about the agent and the agent’s location based on what they hear. While these assumptions may have a basis for truth, they also can gravely mislead their understanding of the transaction. Consider the following:


If the agent speaks with an...

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Don’t Let a Lack of Human Resources Keep Your Call Center from Moving Forward

The call center industry undergoes continuous change. Failing to keep up with the rate of change doesn’t mean maintaining the status quo, it means falling behind. Yet implementing new ideas, projects, and initiatives requi...
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For years I bought my insurance through the local office of a national insurance company. They insured my cars, house, and business. For a time, I even had my healthcare insurance and a small life insurance policy with them. The agent and his staff provided great customer service and treated me like...
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Right Size Your Answering Service to Maximize Efficiency and Boost Bottom Line Results

In a prior post we asked if your small or medium-size answering service was the right size. Though growth occurs on an account-by-account basis, the infrastructure to support it usually stays steady for a time and...
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A key challenge call centers face is finding good agents. Then they must train those agents, which is an investment that can take several weeks. After all that, the last thing a harried call center manager wants is for their best agents to leave to seize a better opportunity.

While competitive pay, f...

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Happy agents will work harder to produce happy callers and customers

Call center work is hard. Not every person who accepts a position as a call center agent has the determination to stay in that position for the long-term. This is one reason why most call centers experience a high turnover rate.


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