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Use an Answering Service to Cover Sick Days

Unlike a vacation, which employees schedule in advance, no one plans a sick day—or at least most people don’t. In most cases a sick day is not a pre-arranged absence. So what do you do when your receptionist calls off at 7:45 in the morning?


The idea of hearing a ringing phone all day and knowin...

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Finding a New Call Center is a Big Deal

Finding a new call center to service and handle your calls is not something to pursue with casual indifference. There is much at stake. You can’t afford a misstep, not for your company or for your career. While making the right selection could earn you praise, a bonus, or even a promotion, making th...

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Use a Broker to Find an Outsource Healthcare Call Center or Answering Service

The healthcare industry is under pressure from all sides: government, insurance companies, patients, and stakeholders. Everyone demands more for less: Enhanced care, faster access, better treatment, less hassle, simpler billing, and so forth. At the same time, the healthcare provider or system needs...

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Use an Answering Service to Block Out Time

People at all levels of business, in all sizes of businesses, struggle to find time to focus on key projects. Nowhere is this more critical than for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Although leaders make some significant decisions in the midst of chaos and distraction, other vital undertakin...

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Selling a Distressed Answering Service

Prior posts have addressed the right time to sell your answering service, the wrong time to sell, and about leaving a legacy when it’s time to move on. However, there is one more scenario to consider. It’s a distressed sale. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s an apt description for a difficult situation.


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Use an Answering Service to Better Serve Callers

When someone calls your office, what happens?

Don’t answer this question with what you hope happens or what you ideally want to occur but with the typical response the caller actually receives. Also, don’t focus on the exemplary instances, but instead consider the difficult occasions. This is what ca...

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7 Steps to Deal with an Underperforming Answering Service Sales Rep

If an answering service has sales reps they either produce consistent sales month after month or they underperform. Too often sales reps underperform. While it is tempting to point fingers at bad selection methods, inadequate management, poor training, or a slew of other excuses, keep the present si...

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Attendance Issues Are Not Inevitable and They Can Be Dealt With

Agent attendance problems are something too many call centers struggle with. Unlike many businesses that can work around a late or absent employee, this isn’t the case for a call center. Call centers strategically schedule staff, so they...
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With the right software, anyone can generate telephone answering service invoices—and get them mostly correct. Yet it takes a company with unique industry know-how to produce accurate bills that are easy for accounts to understand and that don’t contain errors.

A professional, full-service billing pr...

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Use an Answering Service to Back-up Your Staff
In today’s fast paced business environment we all have more to do and less time to do it. Too often something needs to give. We skip some aspects of our work to attend to other, more pressing priorities. Too often the items staff sacrifice are communications with customers, prospects, and even cowor...
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Use an Answering Service to Handle Your Office Hours Calls
Most everyone knows that answering services are great at answering the phone in the evenings and weekends, but they can also answer your phone during the business day. Though most applicable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this also has application for medium-sized and large businesses. Here...
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Use an Answering Service to Increase Staff Efficiency

Most people think of telephone answering services as doing things for you when you can’t do them or things you don’t want to do. This is true. However, answering services can also do things for you that you can do but shouldn’t.

Protect Projects

When working hard on a project or analyzing a deep probl...

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Why You Need a Strong Top Line

As we discussed in a prior post, your top line is your gross sales and is effectively an indicator of your ability to market and sell your services. Here are three reasons why you need a strong top line for your telephone answering service.

Economy of Scale

Typically, telephone answering services with...

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Common Call Center Services Initiatives that Are Available from a Contracted Services Professional

Does this sound like your call center? You can handle most day-to-day items with excellence, you have a great management team that maintains the status quo, and your metrics are mostly trending in the r...
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Which is More Important, Your Top Line or Your Bottom Line?
Most people know that a business needs a strong “bottom line” if it is to remain viable and stay in business. But they may not be as clear about the meaning behind this phrase. It comes from looking at a financial P&L (profit and loss) statement. The final item on this report—that is, the bottom...
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When is the Right Time to Buy an Answering Service?
We talked about when it is the right time to sell your telephone answering service and when it is the wrong time. These posts were both from a seller’s perspective. What about the buyer? While seller and buyer timing does correspondingly mirror each other, the buyer has some additional consideration...
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Learn How Contracted Services Can Benefit Your Healthcare Call Center

When you’re ready to take your healthcare call center to the next level, don’t add an expensive call center professional to your payroll and hope for the best. Instead use a contracted services professional to provide what you nee...
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Today’s Telephone Answering Services Help Make Healthcare More Available and Affordable

The telephone is rapidly becoming a valuable tool to enhance healthcare by improving outcomes, saving money, and being more responsive. Some call centers focus exclusively on healthcare, but that doesn’t rule out...
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Music teacher Kay Carter spends her summers providing private music lessons to elementary through high school students. She began offering the lessons to a few of her public school students who wanted to continue to work with her over the summer. By the second year, Kay realized tutoring could help ...

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“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” so said Charles Dudley Warner. Bad weather affects us all, including telephone answering services that strive to serve clients regardless of the weather: hurricane, winter storm, heat wave, flood-producing rain, and so on. W...
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