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How Not to Sell Your Telephone Answering Service

There are some commonsense steps to take when selling your telephone answering service, just as there are when selling anything. Common key elements include presentation, promotion, correcting problems, and so forth.

At the risk of comparing a business to a vehicle, would you abuse a car, drive until...

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Use an Answering Service to Cover Staff Meetings

It’s a dilemma. You want all of your staff to attend your staff meetings, but that leaves no one left to answer the phone when it rings. After all, the meeting is for all staff and to exclude one person by removing him or her from the discussion doesn’t make sense, and an absence implies that person...

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Use an Answering Service to Better Serve Callers

When someone calls your office, what happens?

Don’t answer this question with what you hope happens or what you ideally want to occur but with the typical response the caller actually receives. Also, don’t focus on the exemplary instances, but instead consider the difficult occasions. This is what ca...

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Chatbots, or bots for short, are programs that automate responses to social media inquiries via text chat. We first discussed this inviting technology in the post “ What Are Chatbots and Will They Affect the Call Center?” While chatbots promise to answer questions fast, facilitate communication, fr...
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